“Bigfoot is Probably Real” exhibit at Renton History Museum

Nov 3rd, 2011 by Eugene in Bigfoot, Cryptozoology, Eugene's work, Museums


User-generated Bigfoot drawing from the Renton exhibition

Everyone’s favorite furry giant is making an encore appearance, this time in a more contextually appropriate setting: Renton History Museum. I have been working with director Elizabeth Stewart and we’ve put together a show that’s part art installation, and part educational experience on the value and uses of evidence, eyewitness accounts, and critical thinking.

Renton History Museum is a charming place, housed in the Art Deco building that served as the city of Renton’s firehouse back in the day. The whole main exhibition area is lit by an enormous vintage neon sign (rescued from an old theater downtown), and there are dioramas of Indian villages, a Boeing flight simulator, and a walk-through replica of an early settler’s house.

I have “inserted” (quite literally) Bigfoot into the history of Renton and the Pacific Northwest, in a way that I have always wanted to do, and in a way that I think is quite legitimate. It doesn’t really matter, in a social sense, if Bigfoot is “real”, because as part of the culture of the Northwest, he already is.

The show is open now through January 28. Hours are Tuesday – Saturday, 10 AM – 4 PM.
Renton History Museum
235 Mill Avenue South
Renton, WA  98057
Phone: 425-255-2330

Museum Website: http://rentonwa.gov/living/default.aspx?id=1220

Here’s a press blurb about it: http://renton.patch.com/articles/is-bigfoot-real




  • I was so looking forward to going to see you speak at the Museum tonight….but I just looked to double check the time and I was wrong it was LAST NIGHT!!! I thought it was the 17th! Oh well, :( I will still be viewing the exhibit, but sad to have missed you!

  • Eugene,

    What going to happen to your exhibit once the showing is over? Would you be willing to donate it (or put it on loan) to the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine?