Why did the mammoth cross the river?

Feb 25th, 2012 by Eugene in Animals, Cryptozoology

Saw this on Huffington Post the other day. It’s been making quite a splash in Cryptozoology circles.


It looks pretty convincing at first glance. But only at first glance. Most people point out that it’s probably either a bear, holding a salmon in its mouth, or a composite image of an elephant crossing some water superimposed on the river using Adobe AfterEffects or something similar.

My first thought was that it’s two guys who rented a Mr. Snuffleupagus costume and waded across a river with it.

Actually, according to the MonsterTalk guys, it’s most likely just a digital hoax. A film maker named┬áLudovic Petho identified the footage as his own– sans mammoth! It’s part of a documentary he’s working on about his father’s escape from a Siberian POW camp in WWII. Below is very clever, and very thorough comparison of the original footage with the hoax.


Even without this pretty definitive takedown, there is one other giveaway: elephants breathe through their noses. Unless they are actively drinking or retrieving something, they generally keep their trunk tips out of the water.

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