Interactive & Digital Work

Posted on Friday, July 17th, 2009 by Eugene

Weasels! (2008)

slangekatt_mg_0279_240Weasels! explores some recent developments in the field of cryptozoology, in particular four partially documented and slightly conjectural species of mustelids.

81 Things on a Stick (2006)

parrot_crop1Who among us hasn’t appreciated the delicious convenience of a hot dog on a stick, or perhaps a popsicle or an ice cream: immediate sensory gratification without silverware or plates to get in the way! Wouldn’t it be nice if other things came on sticks as well¬≠– your favorite food, perhaps? But why stop there? Why not have everything you’ve ever wanted, on a stick, right now?

Lost Naturalists of the Pacific (2005)

lesnatBased on the 1922 book¬† by French ethnographer Pierre D’amarteau, this work traces the lives of fourteen explorer-naturalists of the Nineteenth Century.

Empire (2004)

empireWhat is the meaning of Empire? Can anyone build one? What is the difference between “lines on a map” and “facts on the ground”? Can you really ever “start from a blank slate”?

The Wheel-o-Matic Haiku Calculator (2003)

haikuThe Haiku Calculator enables anyone to create poetry in seconds! No random-word-generators or artificial intelligence involved: the Wheel-O-Matic(TM) Haiku Calculator is pure cogs-n-wheels fun, a machine-age Nirvana of Modernist production-line assembly techniques applied to to the emerging meta-industry of cultural production.

Your Island (2001)

yourislandHaven’t you always wanted your own island? Now it can be yours, made to order, in just a few clicks of your mouse. Simply take our personality quiz, and watch geographical features appear out of the ocean, based on the psychogeography of your mind. Just be careful what you ask for.